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Bana Civil & Structural Engineers is a civil structural engineering firm. Our structural engineering practice, primarily specializes in structural engineering, structural defects, structural collapse, flooding and cyclone damages reports, structural engineering services, construction defects.

We apply safety, esthetics and serviceability while taking into consideration economic or physical constraints. We utilize the latest up-to- date structural and civil engineering software available to arrive at the optimum structural design solutions.

We seek to provide clients with appropriate, efficient and cost-effective structural, civil and general building engineering solutions for any size project from domestic to multi-storey. Find out more about what Bana Consulting does.

Our firm takes a personal interest in our client’s project development through to completion and we work closely with our clients to ensure an understanding of their needs.

We pride ourselves on achieving practical and cost effective solutions to each and every project, whether it is a multi level mansion or a small garden structure.

All of our documents are certified for issue to the Local Authority as part of a building license application and are ready for use on site by a competent builder or sub-contractor.

We provide our services to most of the large project builders, as well as exclusive builders, architects, designers, owner builders.

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